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We love to help the electronics hobbyist as well as the electronics professional, so here you will find some circuit ideas that may just trigger some great idea, or help you find a solution to something you've been working on.

Important note: The circuits on this website use various voltages and currents. If you are not confident in tackling any of these circuit ideas yourself, then for your own safety, get an experienced electronics technician/engineer to supervise or help you in constructing and testing.

Non Microcontroller based circuits:

Microcontroller based circuits:

These ideas use various Micros - Basic Stamp (PBasic code), 8051 based (C code), or Arduino (C++ style code).

Bit Bashed UART
D to A Conversion

Driving an Hitachi HD44780 based LCD display

I2C - How it works, and code examples

Make your own 5 digit LED display - for connecting to Microcontrollers

PS/2 Interfacing
RC5 Remote Control

Creating Gerber Files:  

How to Create CAM files from Eagle for PCB Manufacture – This document explains how to create Gerber Files from Eagle CAD, so you can get your Printed Circuit Boards professionally made.